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This subscription entitles you to every chapter currently available as well as everything published—or revised—during your subscription period. If you collect the entire world or a large number of countries, this is your best deal since it's far less expensive than buying the chapters individually.
During check-out, you will be asked to create a unique Login ID and password for access to The Banknote Book's Content Shelf web site. After you have completed the check-out process, you will be provided the URL to the Content Shelf web site. Upon logging in, click the Content tab, then click the geographic category of interest to see what is currently available. Then simply click Get Content to obtain your personalized copy of each chapter you want.
There are no restrictions on how often you can log in, nor limits to the number of chapters you download. You're even able to download the same chapter more than once, which means you'll never be left behind with an outdated copy following a revision.

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